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A Brief History of Craven Grain Storage ltd


Craven Grain Storage Ltd is typical of the national network of central grain handling farmers co-operatives established in many parts of the country. Formed in 1980 as a purpose built grain store on a site of approximately two acres, the store situated well away from residential areas and with access to all normal utilities and services.


Originally destined for a site near Craven Arms in South Shropshire, hence the name "Craven", planning permission was refused at the last minute and the need to be up and running for that harvest forced the directors to search further a-field. A suitable site was found at Shobdon Airfield in the north of Herefordshire where the company has remained.


Trading as a farmer's co-operative storage society means that the storage space is owned by the share holding members and that the society operates on a non profit making basis.

Craven Grain Storage Ltd expanded over the years by adding more silos, driers, and cleaners, and upgrading the infrastructure in general. A major expansion took place in 1986 with the aid of European Union grants when a 12,000 tonne flat store was built. In 2011 the existing flat store was extended to provide a total storage facility of 32,000 tonnes. In 2016 a new flatstore was built creating an additional 8500mt of storage, bring the total storage capacity up to 40,000 tonnes.


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