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Is your present farm grain store out of date and unable to meet the demands made by the modern harvest?

Too often, combining is the start of a logistic, storage, and marketing nightmare for growers. Increasingly many growers find that:

     * Driers can't keep up with the combine

     * A lack of store capacity results in "distress" selling at harvest at unfavourable prices

     * An inability to segregate commodities limits cropping possibilities

     * Running of on farm stores and driers absorbs too much management and staff time

     * Unnecessary rejections and deductions occur, eroding returns

     * They are battling against extreme weather patterns

Easy and fast... let us do the worrying!

Equipped with large intakes and high throughput driers, the store has the capacity to keep pace with today's fast combines. Moving grain quickly from your farm to the store at harvest is our priority.

     * One call is all it takes to have the crop collected from your farm and transported to your professionally managed store

     * Thereafter everything to do with storage is in the hands of your store team

     * This means no more worries about breakdowns and repair bills, or concerns about cooling, infestation and pest damage and no more time wasted in the endless paper chase and record keeping needed to comply with your Assurance scheme.

     * Every load of grain arriving at the store will be sampled and put through a full range of tests, ensuring that your grain is stored with grain of like quality.

     * The Laboratory at the store is available to you for testing grain stored on farm at no extra cost

     * The store is under farmer ownership and control, which ensures that it is run for the benefit of the farmer

     * We are TASSC Assured and inspected annually.

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